Navigating the New Website

Old Webpage Screen Shot 1As we get ready to launch the new website, I want to help make the transition easy for those of you who have been accustomed to our old website.

>>Clicking on the “Mount Holyoke Club of NYC” logo will return you to the homepage.

>> Information about the club, its officers, membership, publications and the scholars the club support can all be found under the “Club Info” menu.

>>Under the “Events” menu is a list of the upcoming events for the club (and registering for an event), with separate information for Young Alums and Seven Sisters Events. The new site also features easy to submit forms that for suggesting events.

>>Under “Info on NYC” we are working on compiling some basic information for alums that are new to NYC or coming to the city for a visit.

>>”Connect with MHC” provides some links to the Alumnae Association website that are particularly useful.

>>”Connect with MHC” also contains as a new section inspired by the presentation of MHC student athletes at the Northeast Regional Council in March 2013. The athletics section here will feature the MHC athletes from NYC and will provide a link to the streaming of MHC sports. We hope this new addition will give the MHC-NYC community a new way to engage with MHC Athletics!

>>”Admissions” provides information for Alumnae Admissions Representatives (AARs) from the City-Wide AAR.

>>The last two menu items will take you directly to our Membership and Mailing List forms.