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Our 50th Reunion was a success!  Click on 5oth Reunion for photos!

In addition of particular note:  

  • extra  Class Notes – please remember to provide our Class Scribe, Mary Duffy-Guerrero (1966@MaryDuffy.com), with news for the Alumnae Quarterly. Our Class column in the Quarterly, and Mary’s items in their entirety which can be found on our website, are an important tool for keeping us current on the activities of Classmates.       
  •  gift  50th Class Gift  ->
  • Giving by Fiscal Year Since 45th Reunion Mount Holyoke Fund Designated Fund Gifts, Documented Bequest Pledges, Realized Bequests 50th Grand Total to Date
    2012   110,576 65,546    176,122
    2013   105,868 226,373   332,241
    2014    182,048 216,536     398,584
     2015    436,716 263,082     699,798
     2016* 1,187,894 2,148,987 3,336,881
    Total  $2,023,102 $2,920,924  $4,943,626

    * Scheduled FY 16 & FY 17 pledge payments

    We did it with 80% of class participation!

    With gifts for other funds, bequests, and the endowment, our comprehensive 50th total is almost at $5,000,000. Although our reunion campaign has concluded, anyone who has not made a gift or wants to make an additional gift to any fund, or document a bequest, can help to cover our $56,374 gap to achieve a fiscal year total over $5 million by June 30, 2016.  Every additional gift helps Mount Holyoke!

    Make your gift or pledge NOW! 

    Head Class AgentsLael Stevens Carter (laelbill@att.net), Judy Shepherd DeBrandt(dennis.judy.debrandt@gmail.com), and Mary Dethloff Dryselius(mdrysse@gmail.com).

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  1. Martha Ferry says:

    If you wish to know whether you have already paid your class dues for the 2011-2016 period, please contact me at martha.ferry@post.harvard.edu or 212-254-7162. Many thanks to all who have contributed to the class treasury, which will help to fund our reunion and enable us to keep in touch with all of our classmates.

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