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WOW: Nicki Marshall

Editor’s note: Sorry ladies – the WOW has been on a bit of an extended vacation (Switzerland? Hawaii? Thailand, perhaps? Sadly, just a busy end and beginning of the year ‘round these parts.) However – we’re back, and better than ever: only 16 weeks from our 10-Year Reunion! Stay tuned for our next installments as we check in with our Class Board, some of our favorite senior-year WOWs, and of course, as we get excited about being back on campus together! We’re in the home stretch now … get ready!

Woman of the Week Nicki Marshall has danced her way through the past 10 years – quite literally. Check in with Nicki and find out what she’s up to, how she keeps herself on her toes (or her hands, as it were!), and of course, whether she’ll be at the 10-Year Reunion, May 21 – 23, 2010! Continue reading

WOW: Alex Younossi

Alex Younossi is living in the New York metropolitan area, making her mark in consulting, and still finding time to spend with fabulous friends. Check in with Alex and find out what’s keeping her happy and busy, what she loved about MHC, and of course, whether she’ll be at the 10-Year Reunion, May 21 – 23, 2010! Continue reading

WOW: Neha Anada

[Editor’s note: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! If you were inclined to brave the crowds to shop today, we hope you found success, and if you were inclined to stay home and eat pie, well, you should’ve invited us over. Welcome to the Thanksgiving edition of the WOW — we are most thankful for our WOW this week, and every week — a shout out to all of our outstanding WOWs.

In this season of gratitude, let’s stop and remember how thankful we are for our Mount Holyoke education, and the amazing opportunities it provided; please take a minute and remember Mount Holyoke in your holiday gift list — you’ll snag some tax benefits, and help a future alum achieve her dreams. Visit www.mtholyoke.edu/giving for ways to give!]

Our fabulous Thanksgiving WOW, Neha Anada, is making progress in the corporate world, and finding time for philanthropy, all while keeping pace with life in New York City. Check in with Neha and find out what she’s been up to, what her favorite Mount Holyoke memories are, and of course, whether she’ll be at Reunion, May 21 – 23, 2010! Continue reading

WOW: Ashley Biser

Professor Ashley Biser is living in Ohio, America’s Heartland, teaching politics and government at Ohio Wesleyan University. Check in with Ashley, and find out what keeps her busy these days, what she misses about Mount Holyoke, and of course, the all-important question: will she be at Reunion, May 21-23, 2010? Continue reading