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Last-minute 2010 Reunion Notes

* Give to the College: http://www.mtholyoke.edu/go/giving (As of 5/16, we’re at $18,590 with 22% participation, hoping for $25,000 with at least 35% participation.)

* Registration: New York Room, Mary Wooley Hall, Thursday 3-6:30 pm, Friday 9 am-9 pm, Saturday 8 am to noon
* Friday: Photo booth, Creighton Hall entryway
* Friday snacks: Creighton Hall living room (cider & doughnuts from Atkins, fruit, and more…)
* Laurel Parade: line up at Abbey-Buck Circle in your whites, 8:45 am; parade begins at 9 am, followed by Alumnae Association Meeting in Amphitheater from 10:15 to 11:30 am
* Department At-Homes: various locations, 2 to 4:30 pm
* Class Photo: Skinner Steps, Saturday at 3 pm
* Class Meeting: Creighton Hall living room, Saturday at 4:30 pm
* Sat Social Hour: Willits, Morrison Room, 6 pm
* Class Dinner: Willits, Morrison Room, 7 pm

5/10 Updates

* Coming to Reunion? Yay! Please be sure to check out the information on our class meeting.
* Things to look forward to at Reunion: a photo booth in our class HQ dorm (Creighton Hall, the dorm formerly known as “New”) on Friday, cider and doughnuts for M&C’s on Friday night, lots of pictures with friends, a chance to get to know some cool classmates you never met at school, your big chance to have another reason to wear an all-white outfit, and more!
* Please consider a gift to the College! Our goal is $25,000 with 40% participation — we’re at just over $17,000 with 19% participation.

3/10 Updates

* We’re a little obsessed with Reunion. Register today!
* According to our class survey, 10% of us have called off of work for Mountain Day!
* Please consider a gift to the College. Our goal for the year is to have 40% participation from the class; as of 3/21, we are at 15% participation. Every gift counts!

Class Meeting Agenda

I. Welcome by Class President

II. Reports:

* Secretary
* Treasurer
* Head Class Agent

III. Old Business

IV. New Business:

* Class By-laws
* Nominating Committee Chair’s Report
* Election of new Class Officers
* Class Dues Proposal
* Class communication

March Reunion Letter

Greetings Classmates!

Our 10th Reunion is just two short months away, and this is our last chance to try to convince those of you who are still undecided to join the class of 2000 for a truly terrific experience. Here are our most compelling reasons to come to R E U N I O N:

* Renew your bonds with Mount Holyoke. Explore the library, walk around Upper Lake, see new and renovated buildings, and experience again the joys of life in the residence halls.
* Enjoy the Mount Holyoke College campus in the splendor of spring!
* See classmates you haven’t seen since our last reunion or since college days.
* Your attendance will make the experience better for everyone. Contact a friend and make plans today! (Check out the e-cards at www.alumnae.mtholyoke.edu/go/reunion!)
* With such a variety of activities planned, there’s something for everybody!
* Our love for Mount Holyoke is our common bond.

We’ve got lots to share with you. First and foremost, here’s the ESSENTIAL REUNION INFORMATION you should know about! Continue reading

Proposed Slate 2010

The Nominating Committee respectfully submits the following slate of candidates for class officers to serve from 2010 to 2015.

President: Trisha Tanner

Vice President: V. Radley Emes

Secretary/Web Coordinator: Cynthia Krohn

Scribe: Sylvia Roldan

Scribe: Joyce Hopkins

Treasurer: Destiny McDonald Barletta

Head Class Agent: Katherine O’Brien

Nominating Committee: Sylvia Roldan, Ashley Biser

x These candidates have all been informed of their nomination, have knowledge of their job description and responsibilities, and have agreed to take office if elected and to serve a term of five years.

NOTE: Additional nominations may be made from the floor at the class meeting providing that consent of the nominee has been obtained in advance.

Submitted by:

Laura Khoudari, Chair of the Nominating Committee

Date: February 8, 2010