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Mountain Day!

Yesterday was Mountain Day at MHC. We hope that you took some time to commune with nature, a bowl of ice cream, or a friend from Mount Holyoke. No? It’s never too late to have your own personal Mountain Day. Scrounge up some folks from MHC and relive old memories or make some new ones! Be well & stay in touch — someone from MHC misses you!

September 1, 1996

Yes, that’s the date that most of us moved in to MHC for our first year. 14 years ago today.

I remember crying before I even got to the College: my mom kept assuring me that I didn’t have to go if I didn’t want to. I arrived looking a little disheveled from the tears that I cried while still about a mile down the road. “Mom, I want to go! I’m just nervous! Please, stop asking me!” Very shortly afterward and in the days to come, I met some of the women who would become my closest friends. I’m certainly glad I stayed. 🙂

What are your memories of that day?

Make plans with your favorite MHC-types for Saturday, September 25, the Class of 2000’s official pre-planned Mountain Day so you can continue to create new MHC memories!