Class Election Guidelines

Purpose of guidelines: to provide classes with a fair and respectful procedure for class elections at reunion.

1. Outgoing Class President, or officer presiding over class meeting, reads the entire list of nominations as slated by the Nominating Committee.

2. Presiding officer asks for any nominations from the floor.

3. If no nominations from the floor, the presiding officer asks for a second on the slate, and a voice vote from the attending alumnae.

4. If there is a nomination from the floor, the presiding officer asks if the nominee accepts the nomination. [This assumes the person is in attendance; if she isn’t, the person making the nomination should have permission from the floor should have written permission from the nominee along with a statement from the potential nominee. Remember, a person may not be nominated without giving consent.] If so, the presiding officer asks for a second on the nomination, and, if received, accepts the nomination.

5. At this point, both the slated nominee and the floor nominee are given a brief opportunity to address the class. In the event that the slated nominee is not at Reunion, the presiding officer will read her statement as obtained by the Nominating Committee. [The Nominating Committee should ask for statements from the slated nominees if they are not planning to attend Reunion.]

6. After both candidates have been given an opportunity to speak, the presiding officer will hand out paper ballots to eligible voting classmates.

7. Votes will be tallied by the presiding officer and the Nominating Committee Chair (or the Associate Director of Classes and Reunions for the Alumnae Association) and the results announced.

8. Any nominated person who is not in attendance at Reunion and who is not elected at the class meeting should be contacted as soon as possible by the presiding officer and/or Nominating Committee Chair.

9. At any time during the election part of the class meeting, the Associate Director of Classes and Reunions or a Classes and Reunions Committee Member can be contacted if any issues arise. Call the main number in the Alumnae Association office at 413-538-2300.