September 2015


Dear MHC Classmates,

We are honored to represent the Class of 1980 as your new Co-Presidents.  We look to build on the outstanding work Joan Ford Mongeau and others implemented over many years.  Our goal is to help continue to connect classmates to one another, to the College and to topics of interest to many of us.

Our recent 35th Reunion was marked by conversations – long enough to send us back from South Hadley hoarse from the laughter, the re-telling of shared experiences and the inquisitive wonderings around what the next stage will hold.  We found so many classmates yearning for the kinds of connections we enjoyed as students; we hope to facilitate those connections with the help of our Class Leadership Team:

Head Class Agent: Beth Stutzman

Vice President: Lori Souder

Treasurer: Donna Criscione Vieraitis

Scribe: Carol Silwa

Web Coordinator: Cathy Kane Irwin

Thanksgiving Host Chair: Anne Luders Campbell

Reunion Chair: Doris Atkinson

In planning how to engage with classmates, our initial thoughts center around three Cs:

Community connects classmates, both in person and virtually.  Connections might include “Mini-Reunions” centered around a concert, museum exhibit or perhaps an informal brunch and neighborhood tour in your city. Virtual connections could include developing a class “story corps”. Our class could also commit to a community service connection with a local South Hadley charity.

Classrooms could cover topics where classmates share their knowledge.  “Classes” on women’s health issues, like preventing osteoporosis, or post-retirement financial planning, could be held via webinar or Zoom technology, thus mimicking seminars we once attended in Clapp and Skinner.

Creativity calls us to consider new ways to share unique and common experiences as MHC alums and to embrace the new decade, our 60s.  Just as the 1960s brought cool change, we can share the cool stuff we’re embracing.  That could be photography, food, film, travel, books, service, crafts, gardens or anything that interests you.  Surely other classmates share, or want to learn more, about your personal passions.

We want to contact as many members of the Class of 1980 – by email, snail mail, landlines and mobiles to hear your thoughts and how you want to engage with the Class and the College.  We need your help in connecting other 1980 mates with up-to-date contact information to make our efforts inclusive.  (http://alumnae.mtholyoke.edu/directory)

Mostly we want to sustain and share the joy we found at Reunion – communing with like-minded smart, engaged and interesting women who want to interact with others on subjects that run the gamut from the purely fun to the intellectually inspiring.  We are excited to lead our Class through the next five years and ask you to join us on this adventure.


Share your voice,

Katie Meikle and Susan Conway Jablonski


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