Club Activities Summary 2006-2016, by Ebba Wikander McArt CG ’65

Standing: Member-at-Large elect Georgina Tolgos '14, Secretary elect Cynthia Everett White '66, Secretary Susan O'Brien '66, Program Chair Joan Mead Eaton '64, Treasurer Robin Rolfe Bagley '57, Admissions Regional Coordinator Azra Karabegovic '13. Seated President Ebba Wikander McArt CG '65, President elect Lois Graham '82.

Standing: Member-at-Large elect Georgina Tolgos ’14, Secretary elect Cynthia Everett White ’66, Secretary Susan O’Brien ’66, Program Chair Joan Mead Eaton ’64, Treasurer Robin Rolfe Bagley ’57, Admissions Regional Coordinator Azra Karabegovic ’13. Seated President Ebba Wikander McArt CG ’65, President elect Lois Graham ’82.


PRESIDENT: J.L. Tonner ‘62, 2003-2008; Judy Russell ’85, 2008-2010; Ebba Wikander
McArt CG ’65, 2010-2016
SECRETARY: Candie Nichols Reynolds ’57 2006-2012; Susan Breakell O’Brien ’66, 2012-2016
TREASURER: Robin Rolfe Bagley ’57, 2003 – present.
PROGRAM CHAIR/CO-CHAIR: Kem Mellon Taylor ’89, 2006-2008; Ebba Wikander McArt CG’65,
2006-2011; Dale S. Loomis ’80, 2012-2016; Joan Mead Eaton ’64, 2012 – present.
NEWSLETTER EDITOR: Madeline Franchi ’75, 2005-2009; Marcia Gordon Goodnow ’74, 2010-14
BOOK AWARDS: Cindy Rolfe Jones ’54, 2002-2008; Linda S. Gilligan ’90, 2009-2011
ADMISSIONS REPS: Rev. Gina M. Finochiaro ‘ 01, Regional Coordinator 2010-2015; Azra Karabegovic ’13, Regional Coordinator 2015 – present; Alex M. Woody 77, 2015 – present.
FACEBOOK FACILITATOR: Alex M. Woody ’77, 2015 – present.
WEBMASTER: Judy Russell ’85, 2015 – present.
ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION SUPPORT: Maya D’Costa, Director of Regional Engagement


 A master plan for Club communications, events and Board meetings was established. Duties of officers were specified. Elections are held at the Annual Spring Meeting.
 The President and Treasurer submit annual reports on activities, membership and financials to the Alumnae Association.
 The Club marked the College’s 175th Anniversary Celebration in October 2012, with special guest speaker and First Lady of NH Dr. Susan Upton Lynch, MD, Class of 1976.
 The Club Bylaws were revised in 2013 and meet the requirements of the Alumnae Association.
 An online survey was conducted in 2013, with a representative group of 85 alumnae responding. The survey feedback was helpful in furthering Club activities and program planning. See Club website for details.
 The annual Five-Colleges Book Sale in Lebanon has been the focus of the Club’s community activities. Proceeds from the sale support two $5,000 Alumnae Scholarships. When proceeds fell short in 2012 and 2016, the Club voted to donate the difference to fully fund two scholarships.
 Three Board members participated in the 2013 Northeast Alumnae Regional Council meeting on campus.
 Dues were increased from $15 to $20/year in 2014.
 The Club’s web site was reconstructed in 2015. Judy Russell ’85 serves as Webmaster. A Facebook link was also implemented with assistance from Alex M. Woody ‘77, the Club’s Facebook Facilitator.
 2016 Mount Holyoke Plates Fundraiser: a set of beautiful vintage 1940s blue Mount Holyoke Wedgwood dinner and dessert plates, and a set of pink dessert plates, was donated to the Club by two alumnae. The Board decided to sell the plates as a fundraiser to support students, and this generated $1,200 for the Alumnae Scholar Fund.

It’s been an honor and a privilege to be involved with the Club, working with a wonderful group of officers and meeting so many of New Hampshire’s Uncommon Women.

Ebba Wikander McArt, Ph.D., CG’65
President, Mount Holyoke Club of New Hampshire
June 4, 2016

Around 700 alumnae reside in NH fulltime or part time. Approximately 500 have email access, and the Club communicates via regular mail with others. Over ten years, the Club hosted 21 programs across many areas of the state and in a wide variety of settings: The Seacoast (2), up North (2), Upper Valley (3), Concord-Manchester (5), Peterborough – Keene (5) and South in Nashua (1). Speakers included five alumnae and four faculty members. We made excursions to the Canterbury Shaker Village, the Currier Museum in Concord, Strawberry Banke in Portsmouth, enjoyed a campus visit to South Hadley to meet President Pasquerella, and we cheered on the College’s terrific X-C team at their Keene State meet. The events are described below. (A=Attendance)

SPRING 2006 June 17
“Honoring Uncommon Women: Outstanding MHC Alumnae in New Hampshire”
Honorees: Ruth Lister Hollis ’45, Judith Frank Ketterer ’57, Susan Upton Lynch ’76, Nancy Marks Perkins ’50, Dorothy Donovan Peterson ’51, Susan Strickler ’73, Marjorie Mason Swope ’62, Barbara Tarbell Zeckhausen ’59. Location: Bridges House, Governor’s Residence, Concord (A=95)
FALL 2006 September 30
“Corsets to Crampons: Pioneering Women Mountaineers”
Speaker: Rebecca Brown ‘81 Communications Director, Connecticut River Joint Commission & Executive Director, Ammonoosuc Conservation Trust. Author of Women on High: Pioneers of Mountaineering (AMC Books, 2002) Location: Highland Center at Crawford Notch (A=35)
SPRING 2007 April 28
“Mrs. Plumm and Me: Uncommon Women or Others?”
Speaker: Dr. Edwina Cruise, Professor of Russian & Eurasian Studies, & Chair of the Alumnae Foundation. Based on Wendy Wasserstein’s (’71) play. Location: The Women’s City Club, Portsmouth (A=36)
FALL 2007 October 6
MacDowell Art Colony, Peterborough
Speaker: David Macy, Resident Director
Tour of Hillcrest, home of Edward & Marian MacDowell. The colony is the oldest still active artists’ colony in the US. Lunch: Intermezzo Restaurant (A=35)
SPRING 2008 June 14
Speaker: Susan Strickler ’73, Director, Currier Art Gallery
Susan spoke about her work at the Currier, which had just completed a 33,000 Sq ft expansion. We toured the galleries in small groups. (A=40)
FALL 2008 September 27
“Foreign Policy in the 2008 Presidential Elections”
Speaker: Vincent Ferraro, Ruth Lawson Professor of Politics & Chair, International Relations.
Location: Papagallos Restaurant, Keene. (A=41)
SPRING 2009 June 6
“Sex, Sin & Celibacy: A Walk through Shaker Theology”
Speaker: Jane Crosthwaite, Professor & Chair of Religion Canterbury Shaker Village
Dr. Crosthwaite’s book Millennial Praises: A Shaker Hymnal was published in 2009. (A=60)
FALL 2009 October 3rd
Hood Museum “Contemporary Art Tour” & lunch at Hanover InnThe scheduled speaker, Professor Joan Cocks, Politics & Critical Social Thought, had to cancel. (A=40)
SPRING 2010 May 22nd
Young NH Alumnae Panel “Life After Mount Holyoke”
Four alumnae ’05 – ’07 discussed what they are doing, their MHC and NH experience, etc.
Location: The Common Man, Concord (A=30)
FALL 2010 October 16
College campus visit to South Hadley and tour of selected sites including the new green dorm. Lunch and Q&A with President Lynn Pasquerella at Willits-Hallowell Center. (A=11)
SPRING 2011 June 4
“21st Century Tools for 17th Century Investigations: using high tech to research the Salem Witch Trials”
Speaker: Margo Burns ‘79
Location: Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel (A=29)
FALL 2011 September 24
“A Love Story: Abigail and John Adams”
Scheduled speaker: Professor of History Joseph Ellis, cancelled due to an eye injury.
Location: Episcopal Church Hall, Peterborough (A=55)
SPRING 2012 June 16
“Indulging in DNA – Creating Models and Relationships”
Speaker: Judy Hoagland Hauck ‘66
Location: Millstone Restaurant, New London (A=31)
FALL 2012 October 27
Speaker: Susan E. Upton Lynch ’76, MD, spoke about her time as First Lady of New Hampshire and her work as a pediatrician and health & wellness advocate for people of all ages.
Location: The Common Man, Concord (A=45)
SPRING 2013 June 8
“Mars Rover Curiosity and Mount Holyoke”
Speaker: M. Darby Dyar, Kennedy-Schelkunoff Professor and Chair of Astronomy
Location: Luca’s Mediterranean Café, 10 Central Square, Keene. (A=35)
FALL 2013 October 5
Lunch and Tailgate event to cheer on MHC’s Cross Country Team at their NH meet, with Coach Jennifer Adams & Athletic Director Lori Hendricks.
Location: Keene State Athletic Center. (A=6)
SPRING 2014 June 14
“The Weissman Center for Leadership & the Liberal Arts at Mount Holyoke”
Speaker: Janet Lanesberry, Assistant Director of the Center
Location: The Currier Museum, Manchester (A=39)
FALL 2014 September 27
Tour of exhibit “Witness: Art and Civil Rights in the Sixties” Hood Museum, Dartmouth College
Lunch: Murphy’s on the Green. (A=13)
SPRING 2015 June 6
Tour of Wright Museum of WWII History, lunch at Wolfe’s Tavern
Location: Wolfeboro (A=18)
FALL 2015 October 24
“The Curiosity Rover, Mars and Mount Holyoke: 2015 Report
Speaker: M. Darby Dyar, Kennedy-Schelkunoff Professor and Chair of Astronomy
Location: The Crowne Plaza, Nashua. (A=20)
SPRING 2016 June 4
“Great Powers in Contemporary Politics”
Speaker: Ruth Lawson Professor of Politics Vincent Ferraro
Location: Luca’s Mediterranean Café, Keene

For Sale: MHC Plates

Please note! This project is successfully completed; the plates were sold and the Club raised $1,200 for the Alumnae Scholarship funds.  

IMG_4495_2 IMG_4496_2 IMG_4494_2Vintage blue Wedgwood Mount Holyoke plates in mint condition.

Rare complete set of 12 dinner and 12 dessert plates. Exceptional opportunity to own history or to gift someone. Dinner plate set is $600, dessert plate is $300.

All proceeds go to College Scholarship Fund.

Contact Ebba McArt at

From our Fall 2015 Club Meeting


Dr. Darby Dyar, Kennedy-Schelkunoff Professor and Chair of Astronomy, brought us the latest news from Mars when she spoke to the Club in Nashua on October 24th. She described her history making work with NASA’s Mars Rover, Curiosity, since it landed on the red planet in August, 2012. She’s pictured with Club President Ebba Wikander McArt.
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Mount Holyoke Club of N.H. Facebook Page NEW!

1196px-Facebook_like_thumbThe Mount Holyoke Club of New Hampshire Facebook page has been created. We are very grateful to Alexandra M. Woody ’77, who volunteered to set it up and made it possible. We’re excited to add this mode of club communications and look for it to be a great link for NH alumnae and others.

Thank you, Alex! 


Use this link to find the group and request access.

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