Frances Perkins Scholars

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Since 1980, more than a thousand highly accomplished Frances Perkins Scholars have graduated from Mount Holyoke.


A diverse and intellectually curious group, we come from all walks of life. We’re from all over the world. We’re young and old and middle-aged.  Some of us are single, some married, some have kids and grandkids. We work in corporations, nonprofits, NGOs, hospitals, schools, libraries and small businesses. We are self-employed and retired. We work in fashion and social services, food and politics. We are academics, craftspeople and artists.

This website is for Frances Perkins alums to connect with one another and share our stories and experiences. We want to hear from you! Keep up with the latest news, learn about exciting events taking place and take a walk down memory lane. We have much to share and much to learn from each other. Send in your photos, your stories and your thoughts. You belong here.