Documentary Filmmaker, Olympian, or Law School Grad? Mary Mazzio Is All Of The Above

Forbes – 12/26/11 – Hannah Woit, Contributor

Any one bullet point on documentary filmmaker Mary Mazzio’s resume could be one (extremely exceptional) person’s lifetime achievement. She has at times simultaneously managed being an Olympian rower and a lawyer (two occupations that might easily consume any one individual’s entire existence) and is now CEO of 50 Eggs Productions, an award-winning filmmaker, and a mother. Though she is busy developing a new project concept featuring female entrepreneurs, she was kind enough to take the time to speak with me about her career. Continue reading

Lynn McCune – Singing for Your Supper

On any given night, a few blocks west of New York City’s Times Square, one can hear the noise of swift traffic and taxi horns. Yet behind the doors of a 46th Street supper club is the deliciously unexpected sound of Glenn Miller’s In the Mood,played by a live sixteen-member swing band. And heard above the musical arrangement is the smooth voice of swing jazz singer Lynn McCune ’83, a regular performer at the city’s Swing 46 supper club.

“I remember freshman year…literally running from Glee Club/Freshman Singers practice at Abbey Chapel to play rehearsals for She Stoops to Conquer at the Lab Theatre,” says Lynn, remembering her skill for juggling performances as a theatre major at Mount Holyoke. After graduation, Lynn acted with the Mount Holyoke Summer Theatre before moving to the Washington, DC, area. It was there that she began her singing career with Doc Scantlin and His Imperial Palms Orchestra, acquiring her chops in the big-band genre during the seven years she sang with them. Her busy performance schedule included steady work as a singing telegram vocalist. Lynn’s widely reported telegram stint as Marilyn Monroe singing “Happy Birthday” to a then 100-year-old Senator Strom Thurmond is just one of many memorable moments she has experienced in her varied line of work.

Since 2007, Lynn has lived in New York City and can be heard every Wednesday night singing at Swing 46 with the Stan Rubin Orchestra. While she continues to work in the singing telegram business, it is the melodies of Artie Shaw and Benny Goodman that most inspire her. “I still adore the theatre and will continue to pursue it,” says Lynn, “but for now I seem to have found my niche as a big-band singer, and I’m loving it.”

—Kris Halpin

Mimi Sparrow Update

Mimi Sparrow is now in the music biz – she is managing Pine Island Music with her partner E.J. Ouellette. Pine Island Music is a professional recording studio and music school located on the North Shore of Mass. Mimi also manages and promotes EJ’s fiddle-rock band, “EJ Ouellette & Crazy Maggy”. Mimi and EJ are have released the band’s first CD, “Rock the Bow 5.0”. Check out their fantastic sound on their website!