Alecia Oberg McClure and Pam Riley- 50th Birthday Surprise

Alecia Oberg McClure surprises Pam Riley Miklavcic for her 50th! Very nice week-end hanging out with Pam’s delightful family.

Pam says “WHAT a surprise!! Really… The six of us were headed home from a beach day at Lake Michigan with my oldest son at the wheel. As the new holder of driver’s permit, he’s always looking for extra driving time so it didn’t mean anything to me that he wanted to try driving through the airport. Next thing, my daughters were asking why that lady on the airport sidewalk was waving at us!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes! (Alecia and my husband cooked this up!)”

Karen Upton Noble – 50th Birthday News

It was a 50th birthday that will go down as the party of the century. Referred to as 3/11/11 Karen Upton Noble ‘83 and her husband Rick hosted 150 of Karen’s nearest and dearest friends for a weekend in New Orleans.. The weekend involved everything from a crab , shrimp and crawfish boil , to Friday lunch at Galatoires, Saturday diners at various famed New Orleans establishments, and a private party at the House of Blues where guests were given a private dance concert by the famed Rockin’ Doopsie. Guests danced through the night and then were ushered upstairs to the private dimly lit hideouts of the Foundation Room. The party continued until well into the next morning. Those in attendance from MHC were Continue reading