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Nominations for Special Awards — due by July 1, 2017

You know those special awards the Alumnae Association gives out at Reunion like the Mary Lyon Award, the Innovator Award, the Elizabeth Topham Kennan Award? If you are like us, you’d need to look them up to know exactly what each one is about … and now that you’re wondering, here is a link to make your research go faster: http://alumnae.mtholyoke.edu/events-programs/awards

These awards are a huge honor for whoever wins them, and there is reflected glory to our class, should someone win who is a member of our class. In order to be considered, suggestions for nominees must be submitted to the Alumnae Association by July 1 2017, 10 months before reunion, using this link: http://alumnae.mtholyoke.edu/events-programs/awards/award-recommendations-form/

Here’s a list of the awards that relate to us, and the submission deadlines for each:

Deadline for submission: July 1 prior to reunion year
• Alumnae Medal of Honor
• Loyalty Award
• Innovator Award
• Achievement Award
• Elizabeth Topham Kennan Award
• Athletics Hall of Fame (deadline unclear)
• Honorary Degrees

Help Lisa and Pam Put Together A Fantastic Reunion!

We are fortunate to have two amazing co-chairs for our fabulous 35th reunion. Lisa Fagan Walts and Pam Smith are counting down and ready to go! They are planning some great activities and fun social time. They are also looking for some good women who like to plan fun get-togethers! How would you like to help? Are you a foodie? Do you love research? Are you funny? Do you like planning interesting outings? If you think you could spare a little bit of time and energy, please send an email to let them know of your interests (remember – any of these can be CO-CHAIRS – rope in your friends to help!):

 Nomination Chair (for new slate of officers)
 Beverage Chair
 Costume Chair
 Parade Sign Chair
 Reception/Hospitality Chair at Dorm for Checkin
 Booklet & Questionnaire Chair (Pam and ????)
 Class Memorabilia Chair
 Social Chair (Friday night and Saturday social hours)
 Saturday Dinner Chair (Lisa and Pam)
 Entertainment Chair (Lisa and ???)
 Programming Chair (museums, hikes, yoga, walks, talks, etc)
 Cleaning Crew Chair (for Sunday)

There are plenty of ways you can help out and the more hands there are, the lighter the workload and the more fun you’ll have planning. Our co-chairs are open to any and all ideas for panels, and suggestions, so please feel free to contact them.

Lisa Natoli Obituary

We are sorry to report the passing of Lisa Natoli, who died February 21, 2016 in Belmont, MA. Lisa earned an MBA from Northeastern University in 2001. She worked most recently as the director of global communications for Xylem Branding. She is survived by her husband John Roach and her cousin Tess Spillane ’95. Donations may be made in her memory to the Ledges Workshop, PO Box 38, Hopedale, MA 01747.

Jennifer Maher Leonard Publishes First Book – The Mosaic Economy

I am writing to share news of my first book — The Mosaic Economy. The Mosaic Economy is a description of the varieties of economic activity that come together to provide a mosaic of jobs and opportunities in today’s economy. The idea of a mosaic suggests that it is possible to look at the economy in different ways, allowing different pictures to emerge. When we look at the mosaic, certain key themes and patterns emerge. Entrepreneurship. Technology. Building community. Creating healthy personal environments. A re-emergence of manufacturing and artisanal production. Values of environmental concern, fair trade and social connectedness interwoven into all areas of economic activity. The idea of a mosaic encourages readers to form their own interpretations of the economy, seeing different patterns and themes each time they take a fresh look.

The focus is on leading a gentle, inviting conversation. Many economic analyses are full of urgent ‘ought-to’ messages, leaving audiences and readers feeling somewhat drained and powerless. This book seeks to make people feel empowered as they read. Readers should be creatively empowered to “add to” the story of the mosaic and personally empowered to take small positive steps to build their own careers, support others in their career development, or know that they can have a positive impact on the economic development of their communities.

The ideas in The Mosaic Economy come from the underlying optimism of people I have worked with — both youth and adults — who invest their time, energy and creativity in their own education, careers and small businesses. I was an economics major at Mount Holyoke and was interested in economic development, both international development and urban economics. While a student at Mount Holyoke, I was active in community development in the city of Holyoke. I moved to the city and worked in Holyoke City Hall after graduation. A few years later, I moved to Boston, began to teach economics part-time teaching evening classes at Bunker Hill Community College while also working full-time in for the state’s employment and training agency. I am still in Boston and since 1996 have had my own consulting business called The Skills Library.

The Mosaic Economy is available in paperback from Harvard Bookstore and as an e-book from amazon.com.