Nominations for Special Awards — due by July 1, 2017

You know those special awards the Alumnae Association gives out at Reunion like the Mary Lyon Award, the Innovator Award, the Elizabeth Topham Kennan Award? If you are like us, you’d need to look them up to know exactly what each one is about … and now that you’re wondering, here is a link to make your research go faster:

These awards are a huge honor for whoever wins them, and there is reflected glory to our class, should someone win who is a member of our class. In order to be considered, suggestions for nominees must be submitted to the Alumnae Association by July 1 2017, 10 months before reunion, using this link:

Here’s a list of the awards that relate to us, and the submission deadlines for each:

Deadline for submission: July 1 prior to reunion year
• Alumnae Medal of Honor
• Loyalty Award
• Innovator Award
• Achievement Award
• Elizabeth Topham Kennan Award
• Athletics Hall of Fame (deadline unclear)
• Honorary Degrees