Sheila Byrd Dennis – MHC Daughter

Sheila Dennis, who works in non-profit fundraising for the Wilderness Society, wrote in for the first time ever, “I’m proud to say that my middle daughter, Madelyn or “Mimi”, graduated from Mount Holyoke last May. It was a really special day for me, as it was also my sister Sharon’s 25th MHC reunion, so she was there as well.” Sheila enjoyed visiting Mimi while she was a student. “MHC has only changed for the better since we graduated! I attended a job fair for MHC students last spring to talk about my nonprofit work. If there was ever an event that made me realize what special women go to MHC, it was speaking to dozens of intelligent, extremely well prepared students from MHC about what they want to accomplish upon graduation. They were incredibly impressive.” “So while not actively engaged as an alum, MHC is still a major part of my life, and I owe much to a great school that is now a wonderful part of my daughter’s life.”