Post-Reunion Recap #3

Our class marched with umbrellas as our class “costume” and many children of class members joined us.

At the Annual Meeting of the Alumnae Association, the class of 2000 presented a gift of $21,320 to the College with 34% participation from our class. Very well done — this is the largest gift that our class has ever given AND the most participation we have ever had! Not only was this an impressive milestone for us, but we did very well in comparison to the other young alumnae classes in attendance, winning the Sphinx (highest participation), Pegasus (largest increase in participation from non-Reunion to Reunion year), and Griffin (largest percentage increase in dollars between non-Reunion and Reunion year) Awards. We nearly swept!

At the Annual Meeting, we were also pleased to have one of our own honored with a Young Alumnae Loyalty Award, given to Amanda Davis for her work with the New York Club. Our class history, delivered by Cynthia, included such historical tidbits as the fact that we were required to have metal wastebaskets because smoking was still allowed in dorm rooms and that we had M&Cs 7 nights a week our first year. It also contained a nod to our time capsule experience senior year: remember that the class of 1900 hoped that we would have experienced lives filled with opportunities they could not dream about and that Mount Holyoke would have endured until the year 2000 and beyond. Classmates were happy to spend time reconnecting with each other over Atkins cider doughnuts on Friday and exploring favorite spots on Saturday, as well as attending department “at home” receptions and events at cultural centers across campus.

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