The class treasury is used to cover expenses associated with operating class business and to offset class-sponsored activities. Examples of class activities covered by the treasury include: annual class letters, birthday cards, memorials, special class projects, reunion scholarships, reunion and mini-reunions if they are planned for the entire class. 

Expenses should be pre-approved in writing by the president and/or class board. Reimbursement requests should be submitted to the treasurer, along with the receipt, immediately after an expense is incurred.

The class voted and approved our class dues for the 5 years in the amount of  $85.00. This works out to $17/year or just 5 cents/day. You can pay your dues via paypal by clicking the “Donate” button on this page or by sending a check made out to: MHC Class of ’85 to my address.

Steva Stowell-Hardcastle


Can’t remember if you paid your dues? Here is a list of classmates who have.

  • Alix, Anne
  • Anderson, Marge
  • Anthoine, Sandra
  • Asare, Thelma
  • Austin, Betsy
  • Bartlett, Jamie
  • Belliveau, Maura A.
  • Bouchard, Christina
  • Brand-Erichsen, Sarah
  • Burack, Emilie C.
  • Conklin, Amy Ruth
  • Constantino, Virginia
  • Cundey-Owen, Debbie
  • Curran, Mary
  • Dowd, Jen
  • Dwyer, Julie
  • Dymek, Susan
  • Fenwick, Elizabeth
  • Fung, Karen
  • Gannon-Blake, Rebecca
  • Garner-Griffin, Kristin
  • Hayes-Duffey, Cathy
  • Holliday, Kimberly
  • Johnson, Krista
  • Josefek, Carol
  • Kellerman, Julie M.
  • Kenny, Deborah S. Andrews
  • Knapp, Allison
  • Leonard, Mary
  • Liston, Felicia
  • Marino, Lisa
  • McReynolds, Cynthia
  • Melgar, Lourdes
  • Miller, DKimberley
  • Mitts, Mary Beth
  • Montminy, Yara
  • Novakovic, Mary
  • O’Connell, Michele DeRosa
  • Olcott, Leslie
  • Partyka, Mary
  • Payson, Lorraine W.
  • Penrose, Fatima Ezzat
  • Polar, Larua
  • Powell, Elizabet
  • Raabe, Elaine
  • Reiff, Julie
  • Russell-Zaccone, Brooke
  • Schlagenhauf, Christine M.
  • Schultz-Robbins, Michele
  • Sherwin-Swine, Wendy
  • Shiver, Hillary Sullivan
  • Stanley, Kathryn G.
  • Stowell-Hardcastle, Steva
  • Thatcher-Soares, Amanda
  • Thompson, Roseann
  • Trojan-Masnyk, Chris
  • Vassallo, Jeremy Cutler
  • VonHoyer-Costas, Katrina
  • Voorhis, Adrienne
  • Wadman-Oswald, Kristin
  • Walsh, Ellen
  • Warburton, Jennifer
  • Ward, Stephanie
  • Ward, Suzanne
  • Wexler, Deb
  • Witte, Beth
  • Womack, Allison
  • Zeiler, Jean
  • Zoubek, Carol


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    If you don’t see your name on the list and you think you paid, please let me know!

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