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Class Meeting Notes Reunion May 2015

In May 2015, 87 members of the Class of 1985 attended our 30th Reunion.We marched in the Laurel parade with our wildly (or subtly) decorated green umbrellas, completed a scavenger hunt across campus, and danced the night away to our favorite 80’s tunes. Even though we were all on the other side of 50, but we felt like we were “22” again as we carefully, and not necessarily gracefully, danced down to the floor for some of our favorites like “Rock Lobster”.

At our class meeting, we elected a new slate of officers, even getting volunteers from the floor for the positions of Reunion/Social Chair and Web-Coordinator. We had a moment of silence for deceased classmates and fondly remembered Ada Szeto Rubin who was so instrumental in revitalizing our class connections through social media leading up to reunion. Our “closed” Facebook page has increased membership to almost half our class. The consensus was to continue using this medium to keep conversations current. While our participation percentage of giving to the Mount Holyoke Fund increased in the year leading up to reunion, our class in dedicated to increasing participation to “above average” for each year in the next five years. Classmates asked that information and clarification regarding giving be provided in future letters from the class board.

Finally at the Alumnae Association meeting, Carol Van Belle Josefek, outgoing class president, partnered with Sharon Murray Lorenzo, president of the class of 1970, to share their reflections on the changes in the world, nationally and on campus between 1970 to 1985.

World Affairs
Sharon: In 1970, Richard Nixon was the 37th President of the USA
Carol: In 1985, Ronald Regan was the 40th President.
Sharon: Richard Nixon ordered troops to cross into neutral Cambodia which escalated the war in the Vietnam region.
Carol: 4 students were killed and 9 wounded at Kent State by National Guardsmen in protest to this expansion of the war.
Sharon: I marched in Washington that spring with 100,000 others to protest the war in Vietnam.
Carol: By 1985 students were refocused on a calmer front for world affairs…..

Domestic Events
Sharon: I remember the Earth Day celebrations in 1970 with some anti-pollution protests and many children walking to school instead of taking the bus.
Carol: I remember the New York Stock Exchange and my work closing because Hurricane Gloria was headed up the East coast.
Sharon: I recall the great fanfare of the first 747 flight on Boeing over the Atlantic- which sadly I was not on!!
Carol: I remember the coverage and excitement from the joint American-French expedition locating the wreck of the RMS Titanic.
Sharon: I also remember the live TV coverage of the Apollo 13 mission where all aboard survived after the oxygen tanks exploded and the mission was aborted.
Carol: I also remember the coverage of the first artificial heart patient to leave the hospital.

Daily Life:
Sharon: I remember my senior year my parents let me have our station wagon on campus and gas was only 36 cents a gallon!
Carol: I remember my parents were so excited that I was accepted to Mount Holyoke on a full scholarship that they bought me a navy blue 1980 Pontiac Sunbird with the money they had saved for my college education and gas had peaked over the unbelievable $1 mark at $1.09 per gallon.
Sharon: I can remember walking across campus to the post office for stamps which were 6 cents each!
Carol: I do too only stamps had gone to 22 cents during my senior year.
Sharon: I do remember going to see the top movie of our year: Airport- I should have known that planes were in my future as my husband ran a number of companies in this field!
Carol: I was so busy with school and work, I don’t remember going to see the top movie of 1985: Code of Silence – I should have gone though, since tickets were only $2.75!
Sharon : I do recall how sad it was that we lost both Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin to drug overdoses in the same year.
Carol: I remember visiting Jimi Hendrix’s grave in Paris during my Junior year with Sweet Briar program (sad face here) and there were still groupies keeping the vigil alive.
Sharon: I can still remember some of the words to the top Grammy winner of 1970- Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel !
Carol: As can I for the 1985 winner - Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got to Do With It”
Sharon: Carol do you remember the launch of the NEW COKE ??
Carol: I remember wanting to try it when it came out in 1985, but the original version was back before I had the chance to try it. My soda of preference back then was Tab.

Campus Life
Sharon: The first day on campus I showed up in the same Peck and Peck navy blue coat as my roommate- we were wearing our skirts and sweater sets to tea and gracious living events !
Carol: I remember wearing my navy blue Levi corduroys and my white and green isle sweater. Being the green griffin class, this was the only green article of clothing I had although I would rectify that over the next 4 years!
Sharon: I remember inviting David Truman, our campus president for tea at Safford Dorm with his lovely wife as our 15th President.
Carol: I remember being proud that my college had one of it’s own as it’s President – Liz Kennan. She always had time for us students. And that’s something we have in common with this year’s graduating class!
Sharon: I read that Tina Fey was born in 1970- her tapes of Bossy Pants were one of my favorites this year for long drives .
Carol: I’m a big fan of the Walking Dead. So for all the Dead Headers out there – Emily Kinney was plays Beth Greene (sad face here) was born in 1985. But the “We Are the World” song was one of my favorites from 1985.
Sharon: My grandchildren are still collecting and playing with Barbie Dolls- the first was launched in 1970!
Carol: My grandchildren still enjoy the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Issue #2 of the comic series was introduced in 1985!
Sharon: Does it seems that many of the ideas launched in the 1970’s like the IBM efforts with computers were refined into the market place for consumers by the time you got to MHC Carol ?
Carol: No, in fact computers were only introduced on campus during my senior year which coincided with Microsoft’s release of the first version of Windows, Windows 1.0.
Sharon: Well indeed our world views have evolved during the course of our parallel lives and I would conclude that our MHC worlds might have been different but reflective of our global times as well as domestic priorities as young women trying to prepare ourselves for the times ahead.
Carol: We all had one common thing – the unparalleled education received at Mount Holyoke – and unhampered enthusiasm for where our lives would take us.
Sharon: My most favorite memory of my last days on campus in 1970 were the moments I could sneak off to the meditation chapel and just have a quiet moment to reflect on the busy life I was leading here. Did you have a favorite spot?
Carol: My favorite spot on campus was the carrel in Williston that was like a badge of honor senior year. I could look out the window over our beautiful campus as I pondered my future.
Sharon: My 20-20 hindsight makes me feel that I am very grateful for my 4 years on the tranquil campus in rural Massachusetts where today some might feel isolated but I loved the freedom and privacy of the campus.
Carol: I’m grateful for my wonderful classmates, many with whom I have reconnected during reunions and all the other wonderful alums like yourself that I have the opportunity to get to know. It’s amazing what a connection there is automatically with Mount Holyoke alums. We truly are uncommon women!

Class Meeting Notes Reunion May 2010

Members of the Mount Holyoke Class of 1985 held a class meeting the afternoon of 5/22/2010 during our 25th reunion festivities.  Carol Josefek called the meeting to order.  She thanked Reunion Committee members and recognized them for their individual efforts both prior to and during the weekend.  The primary agenda of the meeting was to approve the new slate of class officers.  Aside from the recommendations from the nominating committee for the positions of president, vice-president, secretary/scribe and treasurer, nominations were taken from the floor to fill the remaining positions of Reunion/Social Chair, Co-Head Class Agents, the next Nominating Committee, and a new position Web Coordinator. Attendees wholeheartedly approved the ballot.

Classmates also approved class by-laws which include information about the operating of the Class Board and alum activities.  We discussed ways to coordinate our social and fundraising efforts and plan for a successful 30th reunion on both fronts.  Dues for the next 5 year period were raised to 85 dollars.

Through the weekend, we enjoyed catching up during class activities Friday and Saturday evenings, marching in the Laurel parade with the graduating seniors, attending the Alumnae Association meeting and sharing our class history, lunching on the green, touring the new and renovated facilities, remembering deceased classmates in a private memorial service, and reliving our own Baccalaureate with Professor Meredith Michaels who joined us for dinner Saturday evening.  We were not able to physically dig up the time capsule that we had buried under our class tree.  Several years ago the tree had to be moved from its location near the lake across campus near Abbey Hall.  The predictions, however, were saved in the Mt. Holyoke Archives and Xerox copies were available for alums to take home.  The Theme for our weekend was “Being Green… Then and Now”.  We pledged to refocus our attentions on being green in our daily lives, carried PBA-free green water bottles and recycled Capri Sun bags in the parade, and remembered connections and our favorite Mount Holyoke traditions.