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Our 2015 Reunion Parade Queen!

Come on in and browse around to find updates on your new Class Officers, general class information, volunteer opportunities, a recap of the seriously  fabulous 30th Reunion in May 2015, an amended In Memorium section and a just-added MHC85 in the News page, detailing selected members of the Class of 1985 who have garnered press and accolades!

Got ideas or suggestions of content that you’d like to see on our website?  Let us know ~ just email a  Class Officer with the details.

Check out the 2016 FebruMary Challenge results here ~ many thanks to those who participated!


And remember:  let’s keep our connection Strong!

12 Responses to Welcome to the MHC Class of 1985 website!

  1. Griffin says:

    About Griffins (Andy Ford – Mythical Creatures)
    The griffin has its origin in the Middle East , and it is usually depicted with a combination of animal characteristics. Predominantly, it is part lion and part eagle (the wings and head encompassing the characteristics of the eagle).

    A griffin can be considered any creature that is part mammal and part bird regardless of the specifics. As bird and beast it is symbolic of heaven and Earth, sprit and matter, good and evil, guardian and avenger. As guardian it is considered protective and gentle; as avenger, it is vicious and relentless.

    To encounter a griffin is to encounter great magic and power. It is ever vigilant, and it guards both the Earth and the sky. Thus it provides protection whilst awake and asleep. It will be able to hear your softest whisper and will awaken within you the ability to hear what is behind the words of others.

    Meeting a griffin heralds a time of great power and magic. It lends its immense strength to whatever task may be at hand. After an encounter with a griffin you are likely to find an unusual feather in the mortal world!

  2. Griffin says:

    Thanks Jill, you and your girls are looking great too!

  3. The website ROCKS! Great job ladies. I look forward to keeping in better touch with my classmates between reunions. Love the mini reunion idea. Hope there is one closer to me someday (I’m in Richmond, VA). Think a woman’s wellness retreat or a spa weekend would be tons of fun. How about the Homestead?

  4. Griffin says:

    Thanks Adrienne for your positive comments. Agree with you that a Woman’s wellness retreat/spa weekend could be a big hit for the pampering of our hardworking Griffin classmates. We will keep everyone posted on future mini reunions.

  5. Monica Scantlebury says:

    Beautiful website! Thanks also for providing the description of the griffin above. I went through four years at Mount Holyoke without really contemplating its power and significance. It’s truly an awesome!

  6. Brooke Russell-Zaccone says:

    The site is wonderful – cheers and thanks to you!

  7. Griffin says:

    Thanks Brooke for your words of support. All of us are working to improve the connection among the 1985 MHC Griffins. It’s been exciting to see our classmate reconnect with each other and even form new relationships.

  8. Marvic says:

    I like the idea of having a grand reunion exciting because I can see again my older classmate and freind..Really enjoyable..I think this year we had a plan to set again a class reunion..flat rate movers

  9. Allison Palmer says:

    Hello! Anyone living near Norman, Oklahoma? I couldn’t make it to the reunion, but would love to have a mini-reunion!

  10. Griffin says:

    Did you get any response to your request for a min-reunion Allison? If not, please consider posting it on our MHC85 Facebook page. I noticed you are a member.

    For those ’85 Griffins who are not members yet of our MHC85 Facebook page, please join us. We are now at 185 members!

  11. Suzanne Massicotte Ward says:

    I just signed myself and my 15 year old daughter up for reunion. Can’t wait to see everyone and reconnect!

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