Got Good Reads?

Lucy the Smooth Fox Terrier shows her book club choice.You don’t have to delve very deeply into the listing of upcoming Alumnae events to learn that there are a lot of MHC book clubs. Do you belong to one? Why don’t we share what we are reading through this site. I’m not really talking about a Book Report. I think we finished with those in about the Fourth Grade. But wouldn’t it be interesting to hear what books are planned reading for various book clubs throughout our Class network? Or to find out after the fact that a particular book was chosen and roundly hated by all the members? Are you a member of a book club, whether Alumnae affiliated or other? What’s on your reading list? What sorts of books have sparked the most interesting discussions in your groups?

If you need a good book club to join, here’s a good start: Take a look at the live feed called Alumnae Events in the right hand column of this site. If you want to see the full listing of events (only the first ten or so are streamed to this sidebar), click on the words Alumnae Events. That will take you to the full Calendar at the main Alumnae Association website which you can also access by clicking here. You’ll find plenty of regional and city book clubs and groups to choose from. Or start your own. But please please report back and tell us how it went. As always, you can send a quick report by filling out the form you’ll find under the Contact Us tab at the top menu of this site.

Note: Again, apologies for yet another picture of my dog. Until you start flooding me with your own pictures and posting up to our Flickr class photo page, you’ll keep seeing her. Maybe we should make her an honorary classmate.