The concept of this page should be familiar to anyone whose browsed through the back of the Alumnae Quarterly.  You know that place where various MHC clubs classes advertise their various fundraising products. Well what about a version of that just for resources and products from members of the Class of 1979? It doesn’t have to be college related, but it would be nice to focus largely on products for charitable and non-profit concerns. Are you involved with a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program in your area? Point us to it. We can all use another option for fresh, organic vegetables. Are you spearheading a big fundraiser for your city’s schools? Let us know, classmates in your area may want to get involved. Got a timeshare or vacation home and looking for a swap? Running a marathon to raise money for cancer research? Ask for sponsors. Have a book club and looking for members? Find recruits here.

Send your ideas and submissions by filling out the Contact Us form accessed through the top menu on this site. You might add the word “Marketplace” to the subject line, so I can quickly identify your submission.

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