Let Us Be Our Own Resource

encyclopediasThink of the wealth of information, knowledge, advice and experience that we can offer each other. Let’s make the Resources section of this website a place where we can share that often hard-won information with our classmates. Under the Resources section on this website, you’ll find two pages in the drop-down menu that you might not be expecting.

The concept of the Marketplace page should be familiar to anyone whose browsed through the back of the Alumnae Quarterly.  You know that place where various MHC clubs classes advertise their various fundraising products. Well what about a version of that just for resources and products from members of the Class of 1979? It doesn’t have to be college related, but it would be nice to focus largely on products for charitable and non-profit concerns. Are you involved with a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program in your area? Point us to it. We can all use another option for fresh, organic vegetables. Are you spearheading a big fundraiser for your city’s schools? Let us know, classmates in your area may want to get involved. Got a timeshare or vacation home and looking for a swap? Running a marathon to raise money for cancer research? Ask for sponsors. Have a book club and looking for members? Find recruits here.

The Miscellaneous Links page has the potential to grow into a very interesting resource. I’m seeing this as a forum for all kinds of knowledge and resources. Have you found certain resources that have been wonderfully helpful for a specific illness or condition? If you’ve done the research and you can vouch for them, let us know. Through the trial and error work of re-entering the workforce or making a career change, have you experienced resources that were particularly helpful? Many of your classmates could benefit from your legwork.

You tell me how to add value to this section. Send your ideas by filling out the Contact Us form accessed through the top menu on this site. You might add the word “Misc. Links” or “Marketplace” to the subject line, so I can quickly identify your submission.

Building a Better Blogroll

Lucy the Smooth Fox Terrier surfs the web.We’re trying to build the definitive blogroll for the Class of 1979. We’re not looking for the website of the place where you work. What we want to see are your personal blogs or the websites that you’ve built and currently maintain that reflect you, your politics or your interests. We’re starting with three categories: Community/Volunteer Websites and Blogs, Personal Blogs, and Service/Professional Blogs. Remember, what we’re looking for are blogs and websites that showcase a frequent dose of your writing and your voices. You can access the Class of 1979 Blogroll from the top menu of this site. Check back frequently because we’ll be adding new sites just as fast as we receive them.

Let your classmates know where they can get a daily Internet dose of you. To contribute your blog or website, fill out the short form you’ll find at the Contact Us page accessed through this website’s menu. Type “For Blogroll” in the Subject Line. Then send us your URL along with a brief blurb telling us what your site is about. Let me know which category your blog/website belongs to. Or suggest a new category. (Don’t forget to include the name we knew you by back at MHC if yours has changed.)

Addendum: Just in case you are wondering, that’s my Smooth Fox Terrier, Lucy, proving the famous saying: “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.”

Share and Share Alike

Blanchard, Mount Holyoke College in Fall. From MHC Pr dept.Never let it be said that the Class of 1979 doesn’t keep up with the times. So let’s integrate our social media! In other words, we’ve set up multiple ways that you can share, keep up with and reach out and touch your fellow classmates. But, as with all things, some venues are more appropriate than others for certain things. So here’s what’s available and here’s how we propose using it.

1. This Blog/Website

We hope you bookmark our class website and make it one of your first stops when you think of checking in on class and friends. This is where we hope we can have the most extensive and meaningful online conversations. The reason we chose a blog format is that we don’t want just to post static pages and articles. We want you to comment and expand on the topic. Hopefully, we’ll find that one article will generate other with different points  of view, reflecting other experiences and offering deeper levels of understanding. We also want this site to be a great one-stop resource for the sites and resources of special interest to our class. In the column to the right, you’ll find many useful links. And don’t forget to check the Blogroll for a compendium of websites and blogs by your fellow classates.

2. Our Facebook Page

Facebook is a great venue for sharing short blurbs about our activities, pointing each other to relevant and interesting links and online articles and generating short conversations. I’m seeing our Facebook page as the incubator for the longer, more in-depth articles on our website. Let’s say  a number of us are posting links to an article on community gardens. From comments, it suddenly becomes clear there are several of us who are involved in such programs and even more of us who are interested in joining in. Bingo. There’s an idea for an article for the blog that could serve as a resource and touchstone for these activities — especially as it applies to us as MHC alums (and we do bring our own spin to things.) I think you see where I’m going with this. Facebook is also perfect for quick squibs on items that might have a short shelf life, might not be appropriate for mention on the blog/website, but are nonetheless important to us. Say, promotions, marriages, birthday celebrations and the like.

3. Our Class Flickr Page

While Facebook allows you to upload pictures, its flexibility is limited. Feel free to upload some photos to Facebook, but our Flickr page allows for more upload options in terms of picture size and resolution, extensive captioning, searching by tags, and creation of groups and sets. Perhaps most importantly, it’s the best way for me to access and repurpose your photos for our website. Which is what it’s all about.

4. Twitter

Okay, maybe here is where I show my age. I do have a Twitter account, but I seldom use it. Actually, my blog uses it as I have an automatic Tweet feature that autoposts a Tweet every time I post. I’ll probably set up something similar for our Blog/Website. But if you have better ideas for how to use Twitter to better communicate and stay in touch with each other, I’d love to hear it.

But regardless how we do it, the important thing is to stay in touch. So get those typing texting fingers going. Get yer Social Media on and let’s build our community!