Lucy the Smooth Fox Terrier surfs the web.Remember the Peter Steiner New Yorker cartoon from 1993 that sparked the adage “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog”? Well, we know you aren’t a dog and we want to know what you are saying in Cyberspace. Let us know if you blog or are the majority contributor and/or creator of a website.

To contribute your blog or website, fill out the short form you’ll find at the Contact Us page accessed through this website’s menu. Type “For Blogroll” in the Subject Line. Then send us your URL along with a brief blurb telling us what your site is about. Let me know which category your blog/website belongs to. Or suggest a new category. (Don’t forget to include the name we knew you by back at MHC if yours has changed.)

Community/Volunteer Websites and Blogs

Cassandra West:      Seeding Chicago

Stories, lessons and resources for urban farmers and those interested in sustainable agriculture practices in the metropolitan Chicago area.

Personal Blogs

Lisa Krupinsky Paul:    Left Coast Cowboys

My on-going true-life adventures going back to the land as an organic winemaker and farmer in Sonoma. You know Green Acres? It’s like that.

Service/Professional Blogs

Deb McKew:                   Words In Play

Deb runs workshops and travel retreats for writers. She’s now added a personal blog — centered, of course, on her travels and writing — to her website.