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elephants in africaHave you read President Lynn Pasquerella’s blog account of her recent trip to Kenya? She went as part of her involvement with The Kenya Project. The Kenya Project uses interdisciplinary, inter-institutional research teams, in collaboration with the Africa Center for Social Solutions (ACESS), to provide clean water, sustainable agriculture and entrepreneurship for women in Kenya’s West Lake District. As much good as Pasquerella’s involvement may do for Kenyan women, the experience clearly enriched her as well.

That got me wondering what inspiring travel-related tales my fellow classmates could tell. I’d love for this site to become a resource for us to share details of our various travels. Maybe you, too, have been involved with a volunteer or service-oriented trek. Please share it with us.

But let’s not be limited to only high-minded travel. Do you know the perfect B&B Hide-away on that special Caribbean island? Can you add to the experience by telling us where you found the best secluded beach and the most delicious conch stew? I think we’d all trust your recommendation over Yelp any day.

Have any of you climbed Everest or Kilimanjaro? Stayed at an Indian Ashram? Trekked to Macchu Pichu? Here’s the place to brag, share and inspire.

And why confine yourself to travels outside your own backyard. Are you a Memphis resident who can steer us to the best barbecue in town? A Dakotan who can guide us beyond Mount Rushmore to discover the real North Plains? A Texan who knows the best Blues venues in Austin? Do you have a unique spin on your particular city or area that can help the rest of us find undiscovered gems? For instance, I can outline a great tour of Sonoma’s wineries. But can any of my fellow Northern Californians put together “The Teetotaler’s Guide to Napa Valley”?

To start sharing, leave a comment on this post with a brief blurb about your recent travel. Or, if you are shy, drop your suggestions in the Contact Us form through the main menu above. If you’ve got a good travel yarn, give me a shout and I’ll be in touch.

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