Give Back

Mount Holyoke women have a long history of being active and involved. With that in mind, this site will feature a section to list groups you can join — for the benefit of Mount Holyoke College, for Class of 1979 and for your various communities, whether local or global. You’ll find two pages in the dropdown menu below the Giving Back menu: For College and For Community.

The For College page will list volunteer opportunities specifically involved with helping Mount Holyoke College and our class. There are a few links and suggested listed but this page is a work in progress, so be sure to check back frequently to see what has been added.

The For Community page is a place where we can list the various worthy causes and organizations you are involved with that benefit your community or the Global Village. For those of us looking for groups to join or ways to make a difference, it will be wonderful to know which organizations our classmates are already involved with. The suggestions don’t just have to be about volunteering. Many of us are looking for suggestions for our charitable dollars and it helps to know that an organization or group is vetted by one of our classmates.

As you’ll see, both these pages are very sketchy at present. I’m putting out a call for all of you to let us know of the worthy organizations where you are spending your time and charitable dollars. Please send your suggestions by filling out the Contact Us form you’ll access in the main menu. Add a blurb about the program, group or cause including any websites or links. We’ll probably contact you for any further information we need before posting it. Be sure to put the word “Giving Back” in the subject line.

Thanks and let’s make these pages into wonderful resources.

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