Sharing our Passions

We are happy to share with you a slide show shown at our 50th reunion of some of our classmates’ creative endeavors.

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TWO weeks and counting until we get to be that Class.

And an early Cafe ’69 in anticipation of Reunion. Never too late to send in those pictures of your gatherings. To whet our appetites, Shay is sending along some pictures of her memorabilia that she is bringing. Check for it as the week goes on. 

Sending along a photo of Alice, Joni and me when we were together in New Haven – 2 years ago…with fondness and love,
Shay Esdaile

oops! Reunion in 27 DAYS!

This is so cool. Got someone you would like to see at our 50th? 
Just send them one of these with a personal note.Select an image, and add a message like “Let’s be roomies again!” or “Lets get Wilder at our 50th” or “Catch up with old friends!”
Registration –

Our last word on Reunion 2019

Dear Classmates,

This is it: the final letter from your Class of 1969 50th reunion co-chairs and committee. Reunion weekend starts on Thursday, May 16 and extends to Sunday, May 19.  

How do I register? More than 100 of you have registered already. If you haven’t, please register by April 15. All of the fees for the weekend, which we have worked very hard to keep as low as possible, are shown on the registration site. You can register after April 15, but there’s a late fee. If you’re on the fence, we hope that this letter will entice you to come.

What will we do? The entire reunion has been planned to help us connect with one another; to reflect on the past, present and future; and to inspire each other. The attached complete schedule for the weekend includes a number of special events for our class planned by the College. The unique part of the reunion, however, will be the events developed by our dedicated reunion committee: lively Griffin Talks, celebrations of our diverse stories, scrumptious meals and social events with 60’s music — including a dance party with a band (our vintage!) on Saturday night. For those who need an early boost, you can join the Get Up and Go activities each morning.

The Griffin Talks will provide a forum for us to have real conversations about the topics that you most wanted to discuss. So that you can collect your thoughts ahead of reunion, we’ve included descriptions of each talk, along with the names of the classmates who have volunteered to set up the discussions.

Where will we be? We’ll stay in the Abbey-Buckland dorms. For anyone who prefers informal mingling, there will be plenty of opportunities and comfortable places for Cafe ’69’s. Between the two dorms, where the dining hall used to be, is a large open space, which we’re calling the Uncommons. It will feature a 1965–1969 timeline of events, memorabilia, a happening wall and examples of classmates’ personal creativity.  

What do we need to bring? Most important: yourself … but you’re also welcome to bring your significant other or any member of your family. Don’t forget a white outfit for the parade. For our Saturday night festivities, 60’s dress for the dinner and/or dance party is encouraged but definitely optional.  Please bring a souvenir or memorabilia from your MHC days: for example, a sticker, button, photo, article, poster, black arm band, tee shirt or mini skirt. It would also be great if you can share your own creativity: a painting, photograph, sculpture, pottery, publication, quilt or something else! If these are impossible to “carry” to Reunion, such as a musical composition, contact Trudy Levy at and she’ll add it to the virtual display that we’ll show during reunion weekend.

What if I can’t come? It depends on why. We’ll have golf carts and other assistance if you’re concerned about health or mobility issues; just indicate your needs when you register. We’re also offering financial assistance; contact Luisa Tavares at the Alumnae Association. Your request will be completely confidential. If we can do anything else to support your interest in attending, please contact either one of us. Also, our 50th reunion book, completely underwritten by a generous classmate, includes personal essays and photos from 140 classmates, the intriguing results from our class survey, pictures and a class directory. If you can’t come to reunion but would like a book, send a $10 check (payable to MHC Class of 1969) to cover the shipping costs, to Judy Oliver at 61 Hamilton St, Hamilton, NY 13346.

How much will our class contribute to the College? That will be a closely held secret until reunion weekend. Thanks to all who have contributed generously over the last five years. All gifts made until reunion weekend will be counted. Even more important is how many of us participate in the gift; any amount is very much appreciated.  

That’s really it! If you have any questions or if we can do anything further to encourage you to join us, let either of us know or ask any member of our list of stupendously engaged and super fun reunion committee members.

It’s been an adventure and a privilege to lead the reunion planning effort. We can’t wait to see you all and see how it all turns out!

Until May 16,

Sally Gisel Green
                Ginna Holmes Moore
781-771-1742                    518-821-3391

Griffin Talks: Connect Reflect Inspire

We asked, and you responded. Our 50th Reunion program emerged from a survey of interests: our current passions, the challenges faced, how we talk about issues and how we face change while remaining resilient. Shared conversations about our varied experiences, both professional and personal, will use many different perspectives to frame the concept of Connect, Reflect, and Inspire. Each Griffin Talk session will begin with three to four (short) presentations, followed by general discussion. We want to take advantage of everyone’s experiences and perspectives! Be ready to participate.

MHC Women, Then and Now (Thursday night after dinner) will present perspectives of student life from the works of Wendy Wasserstein and include perspectives from current students.

(Janet Rodgers*, Amanda Porterfield, Lynn Barbee, current MHC students)

Pursuing Our Passions (Friday morning 9:45- 10:45) Our classmates will discuss how they discovered and are continuing to use creative energy to explore ideas and change. What are your current passions and how are you pursuing them? What is meaningful to you now? How have creative activities shaped your life?

(Joan Libby Hawk*, Mary Ann McDermott Jones, Linda Giannasi O”Connell)

# Us Too: 50 Years of Roadblocks and Progress (Friday afternoon 1:45- 2:30) explores the experiences classmates encountered, highlights progress made and looks at the barriers yet to overcome. As a woman, what special opportunities or roadblocks have you encountered? How did you address them? Are we transforming or tinkering?

(Julie Van Camp*, Robin Morse Edwards, Linda Whitlock, Sally Gisel Green)

Challenges and Changes (Friday afternoon 2:45-3:30) involves stories of decision-making, resilience and learning in the face of welcome or unwelcome challenges.

Since graduation, how did unexpected changes require unexpected responses?

What intellectual and emotional tools did you invent or learn? If you knew then what you know now, what advice would you give to the Class of 2019?

(Gerry Lessey Pas*, Kristen Widham, Maxine Proskurowski, TBA)

Fresh Air, or the Art of Listening (Friday afternoon 3:45-4:30) examines listening as a tool of learning and tolerance, from different perspectives in visual arts, psychology, journalism, and education.How can we learn to listen and talk about issues on which we disagree?How is listening a tool? Can listening be taught?

(Julia Dutton Peterson*, Sheryl McCarthy, Trudy Levy, Kate Hobbie)

Dreams for the Future (Saturday afternoon 2:15 – 3:30)

How do we remain resilient and take care of ourselves when faced with change?  We’ll celebrate our ability to the ability to “dream” and envision a positive future. 

What is next for you? What are your hopes for yourself, your family and friends, your community? 

We will end with a 15-minute self-help stress reduction technique from Shiatsu led by Ramona Chao Pei.

(Barbara Schmidt*, Ramona Chao Pei, Joanna Smith Weinstock, Alison Tarleau Bourey)

* denotes moderator

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