Sharing our Passions

We are happy to share with you a slide show shown at our 50th reunion of some of our classmates’ creative endeavors.

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Going Live!!! for Reunion

This is for all of you who are unable to join us in person for our 50th Reunion May16-19, 2019.  Reunion LogoWe will be creating, for your enjoyment, short cell phone videos during Reunion of significant events, such as the Laurel Parade, some Griffin Talks, the class dinner and party and to be honest whatever strikes my fancy. For those of you who are coming to Reunion and want to add to these videos, talk to me there. 

Many of these will broadcast live on Facebook. Another breath of honesty, this is a bit of an attempt to lure you to the dark side . . . our MHC Class of 1969 Facebook group. I know there is a lot of bad things about Facebook, not least of which is getting sucked into reading stuff you would never bother with, but it is also great way to stay in touch with a lot of people with minimum effort. A fact we plan to take advantage of during our reunion.

You do have to join Facebook to join the group, but we don’t make you participate at all. You are welcome to lurk and certainly ignore every bloody cat or other pet picture that you might find elsewhere on Facebook, but never in our group. If you need help joining you can email me:
To see us live — you can find the schedule here — just log into Facebook when say the Laurel Parade is scheduled. Or they will be up on the Group page afterwards where you can look at them at your leisure.

I also will be posting the videos on our website – after the reunion, kind of a Reunion redux link page. Look for it in July. 

See you “live” or virtually all too soon for our 50th!

the Reunions Oral History Project.

. . . I’m writing to let you and your classmates know about an exciting new project being launched by Archives and Special Collections with the support of the Alumnae Association this coming weekend…

For your 50th Reunion I am scheduling times for 30 to 60 minute interviews with Class of 1969 alumnae so you can share your stories and be a part of Mount Holyoke history for future generations of students and researchers. I will be set up with a videographer in the Blanchard Community Center on Saturday from 1 to 7pm and on Sunday from 9am to 5pm. Is there a time that would be convenient for you to come by for an interview? I am just starting to take reservations for specific times today so [most] of the time slots are currently open. . . .

I would like to let your classmates know that we are doing this activity and encourage them to participate if they are interested. If you are interested in participating. You can contact her at:

With best wishes,

Ms. Leslie Fields
Head of Archives and Special Collections
Library, Information, & Technology Services
Mount Holyoke College
8 Dwight Hall, 50 College Street
South Hadley, MA 01075

Cafe’69s have started.

Sent by Marcia L Coleman: Nancy Boeije, Marcia Coleman, Lucy Malone, Mary Lou Mitchell, and Kip Rebick at an MHC Class of 1969 minireunion this past weekend. Anne Borg dropped by the next day! Why wait for Reunion? Call your MHC friends and get together for coffee or lunch or a hike and have a minireunion! It’s great fun to reconnect! If you need info about what classmates live in your area the class can help you find them!

At an informal Cafe’69: Samantha Chyatte ’19 (studying in France and winner of the European Alumnae Council Junior Year Abroad award), Barbara Schmidt ’69 and Marni Battle Woodward ’69.

Linda Stinchfield , Trudy Levy, Robin Edwards, Barbara Louise Kemp, and Claire Branin Hawley enjoying Robin’s persimmon tree in Oakland California

From Sally Green: Barb Schmidt is here for a visit from Ireland so we took it as an opportunity for a small Cafe 69 gathering with Betsy Garland and Weezie Legg Louisa Deland.

Good times roll at Cafe ’69 in New Orleans: Trudy levy, Rosemary Sullivan Kimball, Betsy Berhens Garland and Sally Gisel Green.

Please send me photos of your gatherings or post them on Facebook. Up here in Northern California we are planning to gather again in the Spring.