Hi, Wonderful Café ’69 Hosts

The Café ’69 events you host around the country will help us all connect and reflect. We hope they also will inspire us to enjoy each other and return to campus for our 50th Reunion event in 2019. This toolkit provides you with resources to help you plan and produce your events.

Café ’69 chair: Linda (Giannasi) Matys O’Connell,, 413-306-5468.


Here is our 50th Reunion logo, which you may also download and use for communications, banners, etc. We have it  in three file formats. Just click on the appropriate link below and then click on the arrow pointing down in the upper right of the image to download it:

Café ’69 Postcard

Here is a postcard you may use for mailed invitations for your event. The class will pay for snail mailings. Contact Linda for details.

      Click Here for Front


Click Here for the Back




Making our playlist

We ask that all gatherings collect at least five song titles for 1969 Reunion Playlist: What were you listening to then, now? You can report these on the Café ’69 Report Form.

Collecting quotes

Please also collect quotes from classmates about what they enjoyed about getting together, why they like reunions, why they are planning to come to our 50th, and any other expressions we can share in encouraging Reunion participation. It’s all about personal connections. You can pass these quotes along on the online Cafe ’69 Report Form

Suggestions for formats and venues

Your Café ’69 can be whatever you want it to be. Early events have been simple dinners. You can do lunch, brunch, cook-out, tea, wine-tasting, cocktail party. You can host at home or at a restaurant. You can organize a wine-tasting or a museum tour, see a play, attend a concert, go to a baseball game — with a gathering before or after.  Marilyn Bruno suggests that an attending an organized event may be an additional draw, if you’re hoping classmates will make the effort to commute to your Café ’69.

Fun Additions to Consider

For small groups: Mount Holyoke Opoly game  





Awesome party favors:  MHC tattoos 

Suggestions for Conversation-Spurring Questions: nm

  • What would you put in a “Survival Kit for Class of 2019” for life outside the bubble – Advice? Tylenol? Safety pins?
  • What challenged you at college?
  • What challenges, anticipated and unexpected, have you faced since graduating?
  • What do you see as personal challenges in the future? Social and/or public challenges?
  • What did you enjoy the most at MHC?
  • What has given you the most enjoyment since college?
  • Who was influential for you during your MHC career?
  • What was your most memorable experience at MHC?
  • What other memories do you return to?
  • What are four things you want people to know about you?
  • What issues are important to you?
  • What do you think you have in common with other MHC alums? With classmates? Graduating seniors today?
  • What’s been the most surprising or uncommon experience you’ve had since college?
  • How do you define your community or communities? How have you participated in it or them? • The phrase “uncommon women” was used a lot when we were at MHC. Did this concept resonate for you then? Does it now?
  • What do you think of today’s MHC student term “MoHo’s”?
  • Summarize your last 50 years in 75 words! Or less!!